Apply Sunscreen & Floss

I remember listening to the Baz Luhrmann speech above in my early teens and thinking it was profound. I didn’t listen to it again until today, and I’m embarrassed to say I felt a bit teary-eyed when I realized how much more it resonated with me now and how much my life perspective had evolved in the last 10 years.

He offers great advice – basically, don’t sweat the small stuff and take care of your body while you are young. Two basic habits that I strongly stand by are wearing sunscreen and flossing regularly. Unfortunately these two did not come naturally to me until last year so I’m hoping I can make up for lost time and save you from making the same mistake!

I neglected to wear facial sunscreen for most of my life because my skin rarely burned and hey, everyone looks good with some colour in their face right? I also took issue with the cream itself – it was always greasy, difficult to wear with makeup and would leave a white cast on my face. I knew there had to be a better sunscreen product out there. I stumbled across reviews for this sunscreen by Biore (made in Japan) and was instantly intrigued. RUN, don’t walk, to buy this sunscreen. It was an instant game-changer. Not only is it super affordable, but it is SPF 50 so you get great protection. Like most sunscreens, it is a bit tacky when first applied but within minutes it absorbs completely and leaves a lovely matte finish. I actually look forward to putting this on everyday!

Flossing is another habit I have tried really hard to improve upon over the last few years. It was always the same – I would go to the dentist, they would tell me I had to floss more, I would floss like a maniac for the next two weeks, and then eventually it would peter out. At my last dentist visit, I decided enough was enough. I have been forcing myself to floss every night for a few months now and I couldn’t be more pleased. I find the best trick is to leave your floss right on your nightstand and to do it while watching a few minutes of a TV show. It’s amazing how quickly you can develop a habit, it’s now second nature to me! Healthy teeth can definitely be taken for granted until they are no longer there – so here is to hopefully avoiding dentures for a long time to come.

Any grooming habits you have had to consciously work on? Any habits you have forced yourself to develop? Leave a comment below!


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