Signature Drink

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Have you ever heard James Bond stumble over his drink order? No, me neither.

Gone are the days of sipping on Peach Schnapps or Fireball before a high school dance – I decided it was time to pick a signature drink. One that insinuates a more developed palate than the aforementioned beverages. Clearly, this experiment would involve sampling…a large variety of alcoholic drinks.

I started with James Bond’s drink of choice – the martini. I was excited to try this one, as it seemed like such a classy thing to order at a bar, but I was quickly disappointed with the strong, bitter taste. Maybe the fact that James could guzzle these bad boys down was more impressive than his world-saving abilities.

Through my (ahem) research, I’ve determined I really like drinks with a base of rum, tequila/mezcal or bourbon. I find vodka a bit difficult to swallow, and I find scotch makes me so sleepy that I need to find the nearest couch immediately once imbibed.

I do believe there is a seasonality to certain drinks and they are best enjoyed in specific weather. For example, there’s nothing more refreshing than a paloma while relaxing in the hot summer sun on a cottage deck or on a patio, with the air-conditioning just out of reach. On a contrary note, if I could drink mulled wine all winter, I would.

However, I think the point of having a “signature drink” is that you can drink it anytime, anywhere. It’s important that it not only tastes delicious, but that it also doesn’t cause any adverse effects on your body. I tend towards slow sippers, ones that you can cradle for a few hours and really enjoy.

The great search led me to….(drumroll, please) the Dark & Stormy! A refreshing mix of spiced rum and ginger beer, poured over ice with a wedge of lime, it’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day OR get the party going. It’s common enough to be available at any bar, yet specific enough to show that you know what you like.

What is your favourite drink? Any suggestions on what I should try next? Leave a comment below!


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